My Story

My story begins in France where I learned engineering, electronics, and fluidics. From a young age I’ve always been interested in learning how things work to better understand them and look for possible areas of improvement.

After spending three years in England (a country with an incredible engineering heritage that I fell in love with from day one) working for small engineering companies, I joined the EFD division of Nordson as an application specialist.

During my 10 years in the organisation, I occupied various positions including technical manager, business development manager, product manager and sales manager for Europe.  

It is during this time, working with organisations like Becton Dickenson, GSK, Denso, Delfi Diesel Systems, Bosch, Jaguar, Nissan, and supply chain businesses in the medical, electronic and aerospace sectors, that I developed a deep knowledge of precision fluid dispensing and its challenges.

Whilst my focus at the time was on dispensing, I soon came to realise that one of the biggest limitations in most manufacturing setups was the feed system. Often these were no more sophisticated than a glorified paint pot. Yet, with fluids spending up to 90 per cent of production time in the reservoir, it is absolutely key to ensuring consistent production and preventing parts failure and reworks.

And so, after leaving Nordson for a new opportunity in the world of food packaging, I thought it might be beneficial to bring to the market a better quality, engineered solutions for pressure feed systems. 

With this in mind, I left my employer and decided to start SR-TEK (short for Smart Reservoirs Technologies), a company whose sole purpose is to supply carefully engineered pressure vessels, that can be tailored for many different applications and industries. 

SR-TEK’s pressure vessels are now in use in production facilities globally and are the feed system of choice for some of the world’s biggest manufacturers. 

We’re also the only manufacturer of transparent pressure vessels, which as well as being increasingly specified by machine builders and manufacturers, are increasingly being specified by research and development departments and organisations around the world.

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