Improving manufacture - SR-TEK

Improving manufacture

Business: Collectible Figure Manufacturer

Sections: ST Series Customisations

Country: undisclosed

Product Family: ST Series stainless steel pressure vessel


Our customer specialises in the design and development of high-end collectible statues bearing the likeness of cult characters from the worlds of animation, manga, cinema and video games. Manufactured under licence, this company has won the trust of prestigious brands in the pop culture universe including Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, Batman and Harry Potter.

Engineering challenge:

With some of the collectible figurines retailing for more than €1,000 ensuring the highest quality finished product is essential. They approached SR-TEK looking for support in a key part of the development process and to improve the quality of the finished products.

Engineering Solution:

Working with its manufacturing partners SR-TEK set to work developing a custom built 400L version of its  ST Series pressure vessel. Designed to be operated at 6 bar of pressure and fully CE certified, the pressure vessel plays a crucial role in our customer’s production process.

Each of thecompany’s carefully designed resin figures are placed inside the ST Series before the resin is fully cured. The pressurised environment removes air bubbles, smooths out the resin and eliminates any irregularities.


SR-TEK’s custom built pressure vessel has significantly reduced the number of figurines being scrapped or reworked due to air bubbles or poor finish, saving time and material, and improving the finished product.


1x 400L ST Series stainless steel pressure vessel


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