Handgrip low volume valves

Metering valves with connection block

The ABNOX low volume metering valve with light-weight is suitable for vertically accessible lubrication points.

The ergonomic and shapely handle with modern and optimised metering activator is especially suited for easy and handy operation of the Metering Valve at installation sites.

Handling of these Metering Valves may be further facilitated by using a counterbalance suspended directly above the assembly area.

The pneumatic part of the metering valve is controlled by a 5/2 way valve which is located inside the handle. Pressing the trigger initiates ejection of the metered medium.
The output pressure depends on the lubricant feed pressure (media). The pneumatic system is separated from the grease chamber.
The metering tolerance is maintained to better than +/- 2% in the middle range of dosage volume.

Sensors to monitor the position of the grease piston may be retrofitted at any time. They increase the effectivity and reliability of the greasing operation, and allow improved control over your production and assembly process!


  • Adjustable dosing chamber from 1 to 20mm3
  • Adjustable dosing chamber from 10 to 200mm3