SR-TEK September Full Res (6)
SR-TEK September Full Res (5)

Heated Sleeves for tubes

SR-TEK’s Heated Sleeves and Controller are designed to ensure optimal temperature regulation, reliability, and safety. Users can maintain precise fluid temperatures from vessel to dispensing heads, preventing issues like crystallization, flow rate variations or blockages. Whether in industrial processes, laboratory settings, or medical applications, SR-TEK’s Heated Sleeves and Controller provide an indispensable solution, enhancing efficiency and accuracy across diverse industries.

Product Characteristics

Power Supply:  224 VDC

Maximum load:16A

Class of protection: box IP55

Connector IP68 (version T602.A)

Type of probe: NTC 10K, KTY81, PT100

Dimensions: based on tube diameter and length

Power cord: 2.5m with UK or EU plug

Temperature    range: 0 to 100°C

Safety Thermostat 100°C

Compatibility: all ST Series pressure vessels and tubing

Certification CE

2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive

2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Fields


Temperature control is performed on the electric jacket not on the tube or vessel content.

Output connector

1 – (negative) Heating blankets power supply (24VDC)

2 + (positive) Heating  blankets power supply (24VDC)

3 Temperature probe

4 EARTH / temperature probe


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