3780CL-LT (main image)_ctverec
3780CL-LT (main image)_ctverec
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Lightweight pressure vessel stainless Steel 304

Product Characteristics

Model3780CL-LT (stainless steel 304)
3780CL-LTSS (stainless steel 316)
Capacity37.8 litre
Dimensions305 mm inside diameter, 643mm overall
height, 15.4kg empty
CertificationASME Section VIII-01, Div. 1
PED – Module A – Category I – CE marked For group 1 and 2 liquids and group 2 gases
MaterialWetted parts 304 stainless steel
Working Rated Pressure0.5 to 6.9 bar from 4°C to 38°C
Closure Ovalpressure closure
Closure sealEPDM O-ring
Internal finishWhite pickle, welds as welded
External finishWhite pickle, welds as welded
Support304 stainless steel skirt with rubber boot
OptionOn request
NoteCan be supplied without air management components

Top Head

Oval Pressure closure

1 OUTPUT 3.8”NPTwith stainless steel dip tube
1 INPUT connection ¼” NPTwith pressure regulator & gauge
1 INPUT/OUTPUT connection ¼” NPTwith compression fitting 6mm
1 OUTPUT connection ¼” NPTwith safety relief valve
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