Top 3 tips to prevent air bubbles in fluid

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Top 3 tips to prevent air bubbles in fluid

If your business features a production line working with fluids, you’ll know that air pressure tanks or pneumatic pressure tanks are sometimes used to feed industrial fluids and chemicals to spraying and dispensing systems.

This type of system is often viewed as a simple and inexpensive solution.  However, issues can easily arise in the production process as a result of air bubbles becoming trapped in the fluid.

These 3 top tips will help to ensure that your operators can minimise or even eliminate these potential issues:

  1. For applications not involving adhesives or other sticky fluids, a non-return valve, fitted at the end of the dip tube, can prevent air coming in whilst the tank is opened to atmosphere for refill.  There is a wide range of non-return valves on the market which are compatible with many applications, can prove inexpensive and may significantly reduce the risk of air entering the system.
  2. Air bubbles may also form in the reservoir resulting from the jet of pressurised air entering the tank.  Once a vessel has been refilled, pressure should be increased in a progressive and slow manner.  This will prevent the sudden jet of air from hitting and penetrating the fluid surface.
  3. If it proves impossible to increase the pressure slowly, the air jet can still be deflected from the fluid surface by adding an angled fitting on the air outlet, on the underside of the reservoir lid.
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