SR-TEK partnership storms Canadian market

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SR-TEK partnership storms Canadian market

When canadian dispensing machine specialists DispenseRite started looking for a fluid pressure reservoir in 2018, an internet search led them to SR-TEK because we are the world’s only commercial supplier of clear pressure tanks.

Having enquired about our range of pressure tanks, it was clear that our range would fit well with their dispensing equipment and would hold the fluid under pressure to feed their dispensing systems. As a dispensing specialist, SR-TEK was keen to explore our joint mission which would allow manufacturers to increase automation, reduce waste and improve product quality. 

With a highly flexible product range available, DispenseRite could integrate the SR-TEK range, including the LT Series, ST Series, STAG Series and STEL Series, to help their customers how to increase production rates, lower production costs and dispense fluids with precision and accuracy at every stage of the manufacturing process.

DispenseRite resells a wide range of products from various well known brands including  Techcon for dispensers, Janome robots and all SR-TEK product ranges.

Loris Medart, general manager of SR-TEK said: “In the two years since DispenseRite became a distribution partner, I can clearly see how our presence in the Canadian market has increased.  As another small, family run business, we share a common goal of providing solutions for increased precision in dispensing machinery and the SR-TEK range of fluid pressure reservoirs compliments the Dispenerite range of pumps, valves and dispensers.”

If you’re based in Canada, you can check out the SR-TEK range available via DispeneRite
If you are an engineering company interested in working with SR-TEK to supply pressure tanks and agitated systems/pumps, please contact us to discuss the possibility of becoming an SR-TEK distribution partner.