SR-TEK launches new VC500 Syringe Mixer Controller

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SR-TEK launches new VC500 Syringe Mixer Controller

SR-TEK’s state-of-the-art VC500 Syringe Mixer Controller offers precise, repeatable mixing and dispensing.

Designed to work in both busy factories and research labs the VC500 is a general purpose, reliable and easy to use controller with a bright multi-line LED display that can manage both syringe input pressure and mixer speed.

Coupled with SR-TEK’s Compact agitated pressure Syringe Mixer, it enables researchers and engineers to mix, stir and agitate a broad variety of fluids in 10, 30 and 55cc syringes quickly and effectively.

Perfectly suited for a wide variety of dispensing applications; from microdot deposits to large potting and filling, the syringe mixer and controller can also be used with particle filled fluids.

The simple user-friendly programming enables a dispense cycle to be quickly created and automatically displayed.

Able to exert and maintain pressure up to 6.9 bar and schedule timed dispensing from 0.008 to 99.99 seconds it is ideally suited for highly precise, low-volume applications.

To find out more about the VC500 Syringe Mixer Controller, the accompanying Syringe Mixer or SR-TEK’s full range of transparent and steel pressure vessels email or call 0044 (0) 20 8242 4853

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