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SR-TEK: In the News

AT SR-TEK we are unique in having the only commercially available transparent pressure and test chambers on the market and are proud to be able to deliver these across the world. As a result, we are committed to raising the profile of better fluid management and R&D.

Here are just a few excerpts from our latest articles in some of the world’s leading technical magazines and websites:

Electronic Product Design and Test magazine page 32-33

“Transparent pressure vessels are increasingly being seen as ideal testing environments for electronic products and components. With orders from major companies including TT Electronics and Garmin, research organisations like Jabil and major universities, engineer Loris Medart from SR-TEK discusses how vessels designed for use in industry are revolutionising electronics R&D.

Paint & Coatings Industry magazine

“It can sometimes feel like fluids are a bottleneck, restricting production performance. Often the answer won’t lie in costly chemical alterations to the fluid itself, but simply a better understanding and control of the factors affecting performance. Here are four of the factors that can influence fluid performance and how to manage them.”

Design Products and Applications

“While it may sound simple, creating an airtight, transparent container which can maintain pressure or, in some cases, vacuum conditions for up to two weeks is no mean feat. Every entry point needs to be hermetically sealed and if the material used isn’t durable, researchers can find that they’ve created a benchtop bomb rather than an effective testing environment.

“Fortunately, because they are used in industry, each transparent pressure vessel and testing chamber follows Pressure Equipment Directive ASME regulations and are fully certified by SR-TEK.”


“SR-TEK, which produces the world’s only commercially available transparent pressure vessel, has revealed a new test and development chamber.

“Just under half of the world’s transparent pressure vessels are now used for R&D, with the UK-based manufacturer supplying major organisations including Apple and Boston Scientific.

“In response to increasing demand the company has now created a specially designed test and development chamber.

“Specifically designed to meet the needs of product and component testing, scientific experimentation, and research and development, the new S Series Test Vessels are fully customisable and able to replicate conditions in a whole series of real-world environments.”

To find out more about our full range of transparent and steel pressure vessels as well as our new specially designed research and development chambers email, call 0044 (0) 20 8242 4853

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