Flumasys supporting SR-TEK range across Europe

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Flumasys supporting SR-TEK range across Europe

This month, we wanted to focus on one of SR-TEK’s long-standing distribution partners. Flumasys is a fluid systems specialist with a specialism in precise dispensing for industrial applications. SR-TEK is delighted to work with them to reach the Czech Republic plus Poland and Hungary.

Flumasys initially found SR-TEK via our website over three years ago as they were searching for a supplier of pressure tanks and dispensing systems. In particular, the clear pressure tanks were of interest to them as there are very few suppliers of this type of pressure tank.

Pressure tank and dispensing system synergy

Flumasys are suppliers of Norsdon EFD pressure reservoirs and we quickly established that there was great synergy between these reservoirs and the SR-TEK ranges, including the ST Series, STEL Series, CT Series and CTEL series.  The SR-TEK vessels match their range of dispensing valves, which means users can now have the most suitable tank for their application, such as the right size, the best material (stainless steel, glass or acrylic), is fitted with the right type of agitation, air management system and level detection.   

Partnership in action

We supplied a toughened glass tank with electric agitation and bottom fluid outlet for automation specialists ABB for their latex dispensing application. This application was carried out by an operator by hand which caused issues with latex curing inside the bottle which caused waste, inconsistent deposits and made it hard to control the correct dispensing volumes. SR-TEK and Flumasys jointly visited the ABB CZ R&D division, with Flumasys supplying the dispensing system and SR-TEK supplying the pressure tank.


Martin Kašpar, representing Flumasys said: “We are happy about our partnership with SR-TEK.  We appreciate their prompt support and flexibility, also their wide range of products, which helps us offer exact solutions to our customers almost every time. They are always able to adjust standard solutions to the customer’s needs in a relatively short time. We would definitely recommend SR TEK.”

General Manager for SR-TEK, Loris Medart said: “Working with distribution partners is an important part of SR-TEK’s growth strategy so we need reliable organisations to represent us in geographies that we cannot reach. We are always looking for partners who match our ethos of great customer service, expert support and competitive prices. Flumasys is an ideal partner for SR-TEK as they have a strong reputation in the EEU and as an ambitious company with a similar trading history to SR-TEK, we are confident that they will help us to provide our clear pressure tanks and dispensing systems in Europe.”

Become a pressure tank distributor

SR-TEK is always interested to hear from new engineering companies who are interested to work with us to supply our pressure tanks and agitated systems/pumps. If this is something you’re interested in please contact us here to discuss the options for becoming an SR-TEK partner.

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