Developing prothesis to help tackle arthritis

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Developing prothesis to help tackle arthritis

One of the more unusual applications we were recently approached with was the development of new medical insertions and prosthetics for the treatment of arthritis.

Understanding how medical devices function within the changeable conditions in the human body is essential to the continued mobility of patients and prevention of dangerous and unnecessary surgical procedures.

Using 1000CL CT Series transparent pressure vessel the company, which creates more than 1,000 innovative products and procedures each year, can test and develop new devices in a carefully controlled environment.

The CT Series allows development engineers to create a working rated pressure of 0 to 4 bar and a working rated vacuum of 0 to -1 bar.

Temperatures can be set and maintained anywhere between 4˚C and 90˚C.

The CT Series is made from stainless steel 303 (316 available on request), acrylic or toughened glass and can be fitted with detection, monitoring and agitation.

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