Delivering hygienic precision for bottle feeding and packaging production

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Delivering hygienic precision for bottle feeding and packaging production

Versatility, hygiene and precision are all key to food and drink production. The effective management of fluids is central to this, which is why a series of highly engineered stainless steel and transparent pressure vessels from UK manufacturer SR-TEK are taking the industry by storm. SR-TEK founder, Loris Medart, outlines the key challenges his firm is helping manufacturers and packaging producers overcome.


One of the biggest and most overlooked challenges with any form of fluid production, and particularly in the food and packaging industry, is process. When things aren’t going to plan, all too often, the focus is on a piece of equipment in isolation. Understanding the whole process and knowing how fluid is managed and stored on the production line will quickly pay dividends. 

Three of the quickest inter-related wins are:

  1. Size of the vessel – In the past it was typical to have large vat like vessels no more technical than a paint pot. This approach is not only dated but highly wasteful. The majority of the vessels we supply to the food and packaging industry are sized from 0.5 to 2 litres, with the option for going as high as 25L in the steel ST Series and 5L in the transparent CT Series.
  2. Top to bottom effect –The top to bottom effect explains why there is a reduction in the flow rate as fluid levels decrease and air levels increase. This becomes more pronounced the bigger the differential between a full and near empty vessel, meaning a tank sized to the production needs will ensure a more consistent result.
  3. Production time – The nature of fluids is that they can change over time. We tend to recommend limiting fluid use in a pressure vessel to one or two productions cycles to reduce variation.

Agitation and mixing

For certain fluids performance  and quality will be influenced by movement. Fortunately, both the ST steel and CT transparent series can be designed with agitation. The right level of agitation or mixing ensures fluids aren’t damaged and helps with consistent delivery on the production line.

Traceability and hygiene

As an independent manufacturer we provide full traceability for all parts used in the production of our pressure vessels. Manufactured from 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, all SR-TEK vessels can be supplied with FDA approved wetted parts, including seals. For food and drink applications there is also the option of specifying a high-grade mirror finish to meet standards and requirements.

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