Collaboration improves pharma manufacturing processes

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Collaboration improves pharma manufacturing processes

SR-TEK is delighted to welcome Hartmann’s as a distributor to cover the United States as part of a cross-atlantic collaboration.

Different to our usual model for distributors, this relationship came about in 2019 when Hartmann’s new machine and component development division, Paradigm-Solutions was set up to solve common manufacturing issues.

Paradigm-Solutions director of automation, David Duncan was increasingly frustrated about the lack of precision and over-complicated processes when it came to dispensing fluid and he took to the internet to find a simple solution to dispense fluid accurately within (a range of pharmaceutical processes, which are typically very highly regulated. Traditional dispensers often require expensive and complex programmable servo drives, however they aren’t as precise as the process would need, so there is often a lot of waste and product damage.

Luckily, David and his team were able to modify a version of SR-TEK’s CT Series. As the world’s only commercially available clear pressure tank, it met Paradigm-Solutions’ requirement of a central reservoir that could be kept away from the inner workings of the machine.

Benefits of a clear pressure tank in pharmaceutical engineering:

  • Clear, internal cannister allowed customisations to be made to suit the pharmaceutical engineering process.
  • Adding capacitive sensors into the safety circuit allowed for overflow detection within the reservoir.
  • Careful control of fluids meant materials weren’t escaping into the local environment, which maintains the integrity of the process could be maintained.
  • Early visual indication for operators means less debris and bioburden in pharmaceutical engineering, which can lead to quality defects and product recall. ”

SR-TEK founder Loris Medart worked closely with David on the design of the clear pressure tank integrated into the Paradigm Dispensing Systems. David says: “What I liked about working with Loris, was that he actively worked with me to help us save costs and time. Providing the benefit of his own fluid engineering experience he enabled us to make small changes to an existing clear pressure tank already in stock to fit with our specific application, avoiding us having to pursue a more costly custom design and build project.”

Loris added: “I was struck by the parallels both mine and David’s careers and fluid engineering solutions. We’ve both come from industry and have noticed a technological gap in the management of fluids. Paradigm’s dispenser offers unparalleled precision at a lower cost than existing systems. Coupling with the CT Series means that production engineers can benefit from complete transparency and control from start to finish, reducing materials waste and avoiding unnecessary downtime.”

With SR-Tek’s collaboration, Paradigm-Solutions can offer highly precise dispensing systems at a fraction of the cost of existing dispensers of the same capability.

Paradigm Dispensing Systems are available in standard 1ml, 5ml, and 30ml volumes as well as custom sizes.

To find out more about SR-Tek’s CT Series and download a free product specification visit:

Further details on the Paradigm Dispenser can be found at:

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