SR-TEK im Business and Industry today

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SR-TEK im Business and Industry today

Es war schön zu sehen, wie unsere neue STAG compact agitiert Panzer in business and industry Today, diesen Monat..

Many companies have stressed to us the need to have more homegenous and gentle agitation in small vessels, as current product on the market are designed for laboratories or heavy duty indistrial applications. This lack of suitable agitating equipment is often the bane of companies operating within the high-tech manufacturing sector, which have to bear the cost of needless wastage.

In response, we have created ST-AG compact agitated pressure tanks, which, as the name suggests are compact pressure vessels fitted with an agitator flexible enough to handle fluids requiring gentle stir and fluids requiring faster agitations.

The agitated tanks are capable of speed as low as 30rpm and as fast as 450rpm. This range offers much more control over the agitation that is required.

The tanks are available in 1L and 5L sizes.

If you are an engineer or coatings specialist and are trying this new, specially designed reservoir, please do let us have your thoughts.

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